Founded in 1994, Kane Consulting Inc. sets out to establish ourselves as leading providers of security consulting and investigative services for our clients. With over 20 years experience and a vast network of professionals with extensive security education and training, we are the only full service security consulting and investigative company in Utah. In addition, we work to provide these services across the country and internationally. Whether it’s Special Events, Private Properties, Investigative Services, Executive Protection, EMT Medical Training and so much more, we here at Kane serve to PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS with INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and HONOR.

As the Kane Consulting Team has grown over the years, every Team Member has worked hard to help the company truly live up to these standards. In order to make this a reality, we offer and encourage our employees to participate in our many education and training programs. As a result, our clients know that the security, investigative, medical, protection, etc. services we provide are second to none. Another crucial aspect of upholding these standards is selecting the employees who show exemplary knowledge and training to be a part of our management staff. These managers, who can be seen on our team page, have proven themselves prepared to uphold our standards and lead others to do so as well in every service we provide.

At Kane Consulting Inc. we understand that every client’s need is different. We work to handle each client’s request in the most efficient and safe way possible while keeping in mind that no two clients are alike. We work with each client to set up the service plan that best suits them and implement that plan to the full Kane Standard. As we look at our list of clients and testimonials, we are proud to continue to provide the best in security services, investigations, medical services and training and executive protection. A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our current and future clients.