John Hash

John Hash

Regional Manager

John has been a Green Beret with the 19th Special Forces Group for the last 11 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Policy from Brigham Young University. In addition to his time as a Green Beret, he has worked overseas as a private security contractor. His time abroad has taken him to Oman, UAE, Ukraine, U.K, Afghanistan, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Morocco and South Korea. In each location, John was part of a diverse team, serving a variety of different roles. He has been the lead on a protection detail for a two star US General, served as a medic, trained people how to fight, and others on how to procure water. He has worked with rich and poor, civilians and Generals, and has always put others before himself.

John has implemented and managed training operations for U.S. Embassies abroad.  He has trained and put into effect major executive protection details around the world. He has advised the U.S. Consulate General on local criminal, security, and terrorism related matters. He has prepared and updated threat assessments specific to the areas of the world he was working in, identifying possible threats and providing assessment results to U.S. corporations, multi-national corporations, and local contacts.  He has managed and trained local nationals. He has worked with members of the Country Team to set overall U.S. strategy and goals for the Consulate.  John has engaged with local officials to demonstrate how the U.S. could assist in combating terrorism by showing the impact that terrorism has had on local populations.

John has been part of the Kane team since 2001 and has a proven track record for superior service. He has vast knowledge of the intricacies of threats faced both at home and abroad. In addition to his security experience, John holds an EMT P license as well as an Advanced Tactical Practioner license and is an invaluable asset to the team.

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