Vice President of Operations

Dan has 15 years experience in the Security and Law Enforcement field. He served 9 years with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department where he had opportunities to work in many various assignments in the Corrections Division such as the Sheriff’s Work Farm, a Classification and Gang Unit, a Women’s Facility and was a member of the Emergency Response Team. During some time with Ventura Sheriff’s he served as the President for the Ventura County Correctional Officer’s Association. He conducted gang profiles and jail entry interviews as well as background research and assigned inmates to work crews. He was instrumental in creating and instituting updates to inmate records database. Part of his duties included the collection and reporting of statistical information. He was tasked with professionally handling sensitive information regarding staff and inmates.

After leaving California and returning to his home state of Utah, he moved to the Private Security Field. He worked in the Healthcare Security industry with Intermountain Health Care, where a majority of his time was spent handling mental health crisis patients. During his time here he studied the MANDT system. He was assigned to both the Mckay Dee Health Center and the Behavioral Health Institute where he interacted on a daily basis with Juvenile Mental Health Care patients. During his time at IHC, he started to work with Kane Consulting on a limited basis.

When the opportunity to develop and operate a Patrol Division was presented, Dan left the Healthcare Industry and began working with Superior Protective Services, SPS, to develop a Patrol Services Division. After several successful years, Kane Consulting acquired SPS and took it to a new level in the Utah Private Security Industry. Dan works everyday with SPS and Kane Consulting to ensure the highest quality Patrol Operations is given to each client.

In 2010, Dan became a Private Investigator and with the other team members at Kane Consulting, has handled several major cases. His experience in Law Enforcement and a solid background in Mental Health, have given him a unique perspective as he handles cases. He has coordinated several major cases involving international companies. The cases involved financial fraud, asset searches and investigative interviews. He has conducted surveillance operations and hundreds of background investigations. Dan has testified in involving civil matters, criminal matters and worker’s compensation claims. Dan has interviewed or deposed witnesses for all types of cases.

Recently, Dan has consulted with several international companies and has managed, trained and supervised thousands of security personnel and event staff for all types of security events and details. He has worked in conjunction with other security directors, event promoters and staff to ensure safe and secure environments during major events. He has worked with major corporations on asset protection, fraud prevention, risk management, employee investigations, employee safety and security guidelines. He has designed, written and implemented several operations manuals including event specific guidelines, evacuation plans, incident response guidelines, operations guidelines for security, and threat assessment manuals.

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