Chanler Evans

Chanler Evans

Medical Manager

Chanler Evans was born in Chesapeake, Virgina and grew up in Smithfield, Virgina where she took an early interest in Public Safety.

She started Emergency Medical Services(EMS) with MedTrust Medical. She has a long list of experience in the medical field. She has run 911 calls, performed inter-facility transports and done private transports. She was also an EMT for the Minor League baseball team The Charleston Riverdogs in Charleston, South Carolina. Chanler has also volunteered at Hanahan Police Department in Hanahan, South Carolina and was a volunteer firefighter at the Ashley River Fire Department in North Charleston, South Carolina. She began 911 with Dorchester County EMS in Dorchester County, South Carolina.

Chanler is Certified as an Entry Level Firefighter, National Registry EMT, Training officer, Instructor and Security Officer. She began working with Kane as a Metro Security Officer and spent ten months at the Road Home Shelter in Downtown Salt Lake City. She then moved to the medical division and because of her hard work and dedication to helping people, is now Kane’s Medical Manager.

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